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The Wilson family, Tallahassee,Fl. for Squiggy and Stumpy in our lives and all the support. 

The Howard family, Switzerland, Fl. INDCOM Electric Supply

The Might family, Alexandria, Va. helping feed the babies!!

Full Circle Animal Hospital, Callahan, Fl. Veterinary Services

The Payne family, Kingsland, Ga. for giving your personal time, training and patience!!!!

Ravenwood Clinic, Port Orange, Fl.  Veterinary Services

The Hall family, Hilliard, Fl.  bedding and food supplies!!

The Emerson family, Port Orange Fl. for giving their personal time and extra hours.

The Regul family, Kingsland, Ga.  triage and training!!!

Special thanks to 'Liz' Evans for our logo!!

Alpha Equipment LLC, Wallkill, NY. Medical equipment  

AMX Solutions Inc., Augusta Ga. ( for stainless hardware and cabinet parts!!  Thanks Erin.

Ms. Blair, who has helped us accomplish so much!!

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