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Some of Our Permanent Residents

Barrett Fox.jpeg

Barrett is one of the foxes we received from a fur farm in Minnesota. He now resides permanently at OtterSpace with his five other family members.

Frosty Fox.jpeg

Frost was also rescued from the same fur farm. He lives in an enclosure with his five family members.


Felony and Gangsta 



Our resident Nutria


Hammy is one of our hogs.

Her favorite food is pineapple.


Porkchop is our other hog.

He likes pineapple too when Hammy will let him have some.


Luna is our biggest

resident raccoon.

Raccoons-White - Cringle and Cola_edited

Meet Cringle and Cola

They are white raccoons

Albino raccoons are considered very rare.


Rafiki came to us last year after being confiscated from an owner who obtained him illegally. He's always down to hang.

Bobby - Bobcat.jpg

Bobby is one of three bobcats in residence.

What a handsome boy.


Tally is one of the other three bobcats in residence. 

She is so beautiful.

Athena - Bobcat_edited.jpg

Athena is one of the other three bobcats in residence. 

What a sweet girl.


This is Boris.

He is a Muntjac Deer and one of our newest residences. 


This is Natasha

She is also one of our newest Muntjac Deer and Boris' mate.  

Jack - Fishing Cat.jpg

Jack is a Fishing Cat

Look at his gorgeous markings

Whiskey - Caracal.jpg

Whiskey is a very unique cat 

He is a Caracal

Bonkers - Deer_edited.jpg

Meet Bonkers

He is the first one to meet you at the gate.

Frikka is one of two emu's that reside at Otter Space. 


This fuzzy cow is Ferdinand.


This is Thor

He loves apples.  Its always the first thing he eats.

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