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Thank you for your interest in OtterSpace Wildlife. If you would like to make a monetary donation to our cause, please use the link below. Supplies we always need are listed here and on our Amazon Wishlist. All of your donation will help provide habitat and care for Northeast Florida's Wildlife.  

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We are a 501 (c) 3 corporation, donations to us are tax deductible as per IRS code.

Lending a Hand

Here at OtterSpace, our animals go through a lot of resources week to week. Just our otters and bobcats in residence can eat 50 lbs of meat in one week. For other animals, dry food is their most common nutrition.  

Below is a list of the items we use most (and would be most thankful for donation of). If you are looking to donate something not on the list below, please contact us in advance.

Supplies we use on a daily basis:

​Paper towels, some days we use a two rolls a day.

Bleach and Laundry detergent

Dawn Dishwashing liquid

Purina Dog food

Purina Puppy Chow food


Dry meow mix, or Purina seafood flavor cat food.

Gift cards to Winn Dixie, Walmart, Tractor Supply for food and

Lowe's or Home Depot for cage lumber/building supply.


Kleenex or a like substitue unscented and without moisturizer, have to be plain.


Huggies natural care unscented baby wipes, cannot have aloe or moisturizers.

From the Director:

   "I've always dreaded seeking donations for something, be it my kids events going through school, Church functions, or any charity, yet here I am with those shoes on my feet.  Our goal is to establish a long lasting sanctuary for wildlife which will live on after we are gone.  Like most things we are starting small and growing.  99% of our current expenses come from our personal budgets, the board members families.  We are not wealthy and face many of the same financial hardships as anyone else but we make it work.  We are actively seeking benefactors which will support what we do.  Anything donated to us is tax deductible, we are an IRS 501 (c) 3 corporation.

    Many people don't see the incredible number of hours that go into the care of just one orphaned baby animal.  These are not domestic animals which can be left at home in the living room while you go out.  Most of the animals we get are injured or sick or emaciated and need extensive care. Most require size and type specific caging which we are building at our expense with our own labor.  Some corporations ask for funds and much of those go to corporate expenses.  None of our board members takes any salary from the corporation.  Our basic expenses are food, caging and bedding, medical needs, and operating costs (elecricity, paper products, etc....).  Most people are under the impression there are state funds for facilities like ours, this is a misperception on their part.

   I had a discussion not long ago with someone who asked why we do this and didn't understand?  Most of the animals on here would be a loss if it were not for our care or involvement.  All of the pictures that are on this sight will be of animals we have had a direct influence on.  There is no greater feeling than taking a fragile, tiny life and seeing it grow and flourish and then go free.  The feelings and emotions are hard to describe to someone that hasn't experienced it.  

   If you cannot contribute to us or another facility financialy you may find that one near you is in need of physical help.  A few hours helping build pens or cleaning cages or a hand lended during feeding time is priceless to the people who live it every day.  A donation of needed materials or supplies is of great help to facilities such as ours.  Please get involved in saving wildlife, a precious resource everyone can enjoy."

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