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Our Purpose 

Corporate purpose is to operate a wildlife rehabilitation/research facility. Specifically, wildlife which is endangered injured and/or orphaned with a sanctuary for impaired or non- releasable wildlife

What We Do 


  We provide care, treatment, and shelter to orphaned, surrendered and/or injured wildlife and provide a permanent haven for animals which cannot be returned to their native habitat. The ultimate goal is the humane rescue and rehabilitation of said wildlife and their release back into their native surroundings.

  We are not nuisance control or animal trappers and therefore do not trap or remove wildlife under most circumstances.  

  Our day typically begins around 5 a.m. with the care and feeding of our guests. Food has to be prepared as there aren't many manufactured wildlife foods. Throughout the day there are cages to build or clean, feeders and waterers to be washed and sanitized and repairs done. Oh yes, and during the day, babies to feed. Late afternoon, starts the 5 a.m. routine all over. When baby season is here these feedings can be as often as every two hours around the clock.

  A call will come in from someone who has found a baby, injured, or trapped animal. One of our members will take the call and we respond accordingly.  If the animal can be released the same day and was just trapped in someones attic or yard, then that is what we do after evaluating and checking for any injuries. The least interaction with humans the better due to stress imposed on the animal.       Baby animals are brought to our establishment, triaged and if necessary isolated for any injuries, parasites, or illness. We have two veterinarians, Michael Payne at Full Circle Animal Hospital, and Alicia Emerson at Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic who work with us and are available to us around the clock. Animals receive the best care available.    Once the little ones are able, they go in with a foster of the same species or others their age.  A singleton has a tough life from day one if there are no others of their species here.  Imagine yourself, in a world of animals, as a human child with no other human there, this is what they face. In these instances a stuffed animal or surrogate parent may be used from a similar species. 

  Animals in rehabilitation must be released after 180 days unless a medical neccesity dictates otherwise. Imprinted or impaired animals which come in, deemed unreleasable, must be evaluated by a second licensed rehabber, a vet, and a commission officer to establish the validation for them to remain here.   

  The "ARK", along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission closley monitors the health and well being of animals brought in to our rescue for treatment, rehabilitation, and long term care. 

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