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Helping Give Wildlife a Second Chance.


We are happy to have Sarra Pierson on board and taking over Public Relations and Communications for 'The Ark'.  We look forward to an exciting year and many babies to come.

Our Mission:

             The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary (aka “The Ark”) is a wildlife rescue made up of local area citizens dedicated to saving animals (squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, deer, fox, bobcat, otters, etc.) whose lives are in jeopardy. Our animals are rescued from a variety of situations and are cared for both emotionally and physically by state licensed rehabilitators, veterinarians, and fosters.


           We work specifically with injured and orphaned wild animals in need of care. The Ark’s President, Jonathan Howard, is a Florida state licensed animal rehabber and he continually works with the Board of Directors, other rehabilitators, and local volunteers to ensure that all of the animals in our care are properly tended to.


           We have a local veterinarian that provides medical treatment to the animals. Any medical needs that we encounter are covered.   


           The Ark is a federally registered and approved non-profit organization, 501(c) 3.  The animals are cared for at a donated space. We are constantly inquiring about donated supplies to care for the animals (kennels, fencing, feeding apparatuses, medical supplies, etc.). Though The Ark depends on donated supplies and funding, we routinely have to purchase these supplies ourselves.


           Aside from the actual caring of the animals, we diligently try to provide education, tips, and resources about wildlife to the community. People with expanded knowledge of wildlife tend to be more tolerant and compassionate to the animals.  An understanding of why the armadillo is digging in my mulch (they love bugs!) or perhaps why the deer keep coming in my yard (your flowers are the best on the block!). What to do during an encounter with wildlife, and who to call for help and when to not intervene are all useful pieces of information.  Many people misunderstand a small bunny in the wild, thinking it abandoned when in fact it is at an age to be free.  Why the fawn found in the tall grass in a field is right where it should be, or may need some extra care. These types of questions are what we get quite often.  Sharing our knowledge about wildlife is one of the greatest gifts we can give.    


          Please enjoy our website and the sounds of nature that go with it.  We hope you come back to visit often and the resources we provide are helpful. 

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